Our beautiful sanctuary has been the site for hundreds of weddings since it was built. We haven’t done an official poll, but we’re pretty sure that puts us right at the top of Logan County’s most popular places to get married. Our church building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

While the appearance of our building is the major reason people choose First Christian Church for their wedding, getting married at our church is a beautiful experience for many reasons besides the stained glass windows.
First Christian Church (FCC) welcomes you in planning a wedding here. This is an important ministry of our church, which seeks to extend the Grace and Love of God to you. We invite any couple seeking a Christian ceremony, both members and non-members, to have their ceremony in the sacred beauty of our building. We want to extend every possible courtesy to wedding parties, and maintain the high standards associated with weddings in this church.


The FCC policy is that no drugs, alcoholic beverages, or smoking are permitted on church property. This includes any ceremonial wedding champagne for toasts, etc. Violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of the wedding service.

We are happy to make available a booklet outlining in detail all of the policies regarding a wedding at First Christian Church. It is advised that this be read in full before scheduling your wedding to avoid any misunderstandings regarding FCC policy. For your copy, please contact the church secretary or the Pastor.


The church does not charge a fee to use the facilities nor does the Pastor charge a fee for his Pastoral counseling services or to perform the wedding itself to members of the congregation. However, if a member chooses to give a financial gift, it will be gladly appreciated.

For Non-Members, the cost of the wedding will vary depending on the size of the wedding, usage of the fellowship hall for rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, needing the church to provide a pianist or organist, etc, etc, etc. The fee for the pre-marital counseling and the cost to perform the wedding ceremony itself will be negotiated between the couple and the Pastor.